[30/06/2010]-[Happy birthday to me…]

<Đáng ra hôm qua post, mà wên mất nên hôm nay mới post đc :”>>

Lười viết quá! Nhưng mà ko viết ko đc. 3 năm ràu 😀

Mở đầu bằng gì đây nhỉ? Khó nghĩ quá >”< uh` thôi, mở đầu bằng một bức mail về lá bài Tarot mà tớ nhận đc trong ngày hôm nay nhé 🙂

Your Personality Motivator Card

Like your Astrological Sign, you have a Tarot Trump (Major Arcana) card that is assigned to you for life according to your birth date. This life card describes who you are to the outside world, your tendencies, personality type, potential, challenges, motivations, expectations, or how others may see you. We refer to it as your Personality Motivator Card (PMC).

(Upright) You’re always on the move, putting plans into action, and probably are motivated by The American Dream, fame and fortune, or a belief in the power to transform, overcome, or reinvent yourself, and you are not one to let obstacles or handicaps stand in your way. You are confident in your abilities, but probably rely on the support, investment, or security of something larger, rather than running the whole show yourself. You thrive on adoration, ceremony, recognition, or applause, and prefer the fast track, power toys, or public games or conquests, but it is the symbols of recognition, or the popularity, glory, or spectacle of pushing beyond your own limits that drive you to become an idol or legend in your own time, not just the material reward. Be careful not to expect things to be handed to you, or of becoming caught up in the trappings of victory, or you could become idle, depraved, or take things for granted. Use your professional talents to entertain the masses and you may be a star.

(Reversed) You may take the safe, easy route, or hold the constant or secure position, and may be hesitant to take risks for fear of stigma, rocking the boat or making a spectacle of yourself. Stage fright or fear of not being good or popular enough, might convince your that you aren’t up to the challenge, and nostalgia for past glory, or sense of entitlement may keep you from the recognition, victory, or applause that you so desire. Being motivated by extravagance, martyrdom, or fortune alone could lead to cheating, novelty, depravity, or becoming a sideshow. If you’ve got the dream and the talent, grab the reins, push your limits, invest in yourself, and you can overcome obstacles to success, or make a comeback. Appeal to the masses, but do what you love.


Your Annual Development Card

Your growth and development cards for the current year and your lifetime describe some of the positive and negative influences, possibilities, issues, or even people with whom you may come in contact, or that could have an effect on you throughout the course of each year. We call these your Annual Development Cards (ADCs).

(Upright) This year you may have the ability to see things from various points of view, or to consider what others think or want before making a decision or passing judgment, but your empathy could lead to issues with motivation, sincerity, or commitment. Being indecisive, overly agreeable, or unsure might come from not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings, or from trying to please everyone, and you might act like a martyr or make sure that everyone else is aware of your sacrifices. Over the course of this year, you could have a tendency to worry too much about what other people think, pretend to be a “goody-goody,” or be afraid to make waves, causing you to justify going along with the prescribed beliefs or behaviors in order to avoid having an opinion or taking responsibility for you choices.

(Reversed) This year could find you unwilling to see another person’s point of view, but you may also refuse to go along just because of what others might think, or, when unavoidable, cop an attitude, roll your eyes, turn, and smile. You may become quite opinionated, stubborn, and lack pretense, but thriving on confrontation, your ego could cause you to be inflexible, rigid, or lack the willingness to compromise, or sacrifice any ground. You’ll want what you want, and may resort to false flattery, deceit, disguise, feigned empathy, or play the innocent to get your way. Compassion or developing communication skills can enable you to get what you desire without trickery, so this year, learn to stand up for what you believe in, and think for yourself.

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Hanged Man

Your Life Lesson Card

Your Life Lesson Card (LLC) suggests possible opportunities, obstacles, challenges or influences that may repeat themselves or develop into patterns over the course of your lifetime. The lessons are often presented in phases or cycles at various levels of experience, and depending upon your faith, they can sometimes represent a purpose for this incarnation. View this card in relation to your PMC and ADCs in order to gain insight on how to best integrate these lessons into your life for maximum personal growth, happiness, or achievement.


Chưa đọc nữa 😀 Chẳng biết nó nói gì… lười dịch wá =.=


Horoscope today 🙂

Cự Giải (22/06-22/07)

Bạn đang để tình cảm lấn át lý trí quá nhiều. Thật khó để đưa ra quyết định và sự lựa chọn. Lời khuyên của hoahoctro, bạn hãy đi theo lý trí. Tình cảm của bạn bộc phát nhanh và cũng sẽ thoáng qua nhanh mà thôi.


uh`, lí trí… chí lí… hihihi :”>
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